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Why you need to quit DIY + outsource to a professional

There’s a lot to be said for outsourcing in business.

But do it holistically and sustainably. When it’s right for you.

Start ups are often torn in many directions when it comes to investing their hard earned cash in their business.

In the beginning, cash flow may often be more hamster wheel than a well oiled money making machine.

During the start up phase it takes time to build your tribe of clients + cheerleaders, develop networks, work in + on the business AND earn a profit.

It takes motivation, resilience, courage and a lot of gumption to get past the first five years in business. This is why most start ups ‘fail’ during this period. I say ‘fail’ loosely, because there may be other factors involved in the closure of a start up during this time. 

DIY bookkeeping, branding (naming, strategy + design), copywriting, website design, resources design, collateral design & marketing is often the norm in the start up space.

But what if…

Your DIY job is good, but not a freaking fabulous resemblance of a professional job?

Do you…

Invest in your business incrementally (say 10%) so that you are building a purchasable asset?

Or are you…

Simply buying yourself a job?

This seems to be the distinguishing difference between a micro business owner & a six-figure earning entrepreneur.

I’m sure you want to fall into the latter category. I know I do!

Here’s 5 ways you can outsource to a professional.

Write a list: 

When speaking of manifesting and changing money mindsets; Denise Duffield-Thomas suggests to write a wish list.

Grab your favourite pen, a cuppa and devote some time to yourself. Make a list of everything you would outsource today, if you had unlimited financial resources now.

You need to do something with the list. Which leads me to point 2.

Set intentions:

Develop a habit of intention setting and being grateful for what you already have. This helps immensely to progress through the start up phase, and is quite magical.

Track your goals:

If you don’t already have a business plan, develop one. And review it regularly. A business plan doesn’t need to be onerous, this will quite often make the task seem daunting. A simple SMART Action Plan (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) is as powerful as a full business plan.

Add outsourcing to your long term goals, and start with the most implementable first. Cleaner? Bookkeeper? Copywriting? Think big, keep it actionable and be accountable to someone so you actually get stuff done.

Shift your perspective:

Changing your perspective gives opportunity for abundance to come to you.

If you think…

“I’ll keep doing it myself until I’m financially able to pay for everything…”

Try changing your vocabulary. 

“I am worthy of abundance, success and value my time now.” 

“I focus on the things that matter the most in my business now.”

I know which mindset I resonate with.


Sometimes you just need to pull up your big girls pants, and just do it.

Hire the cleaner, outsource your copywriting, engage the branding specialist from the beginning.


Your business is worthy of success from day zero. Launch with strength, and anchor your brand in your tribe’s consciousness from the beginning.

Have you been walking DIY street and forsee outsourcing now?

It’s ok. Have the courage to accept that the first go was a little Morticia Adams at a socialites part, and you are now ready to be Kate Hudson at the Met Ball! Engage a professional and quit DIY.