The Soloists Toolkit

As discovered through our own business journey!


You have many ideas circling your consciousness and the entrepreneurial fire is burning in your belly, asking to be shared with the world. It’s time to take the next step and embrace the unknown. 

Get ready for the ride of your life.

You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, you will learn on the fly, you will experience high highs and probably some low lows. And this is all a part of the journey of being a soloist.

I’ll share a little secret: Earth & Sea Creative launched without a plan. Yes, this is NEVER ideal, but the unknown certainly allowed space for LOTS of learning!

And so, as a lotus pushing through the mud to bask in the sunshine, I now enjoy helping others navigate the start up phase with unmistakable clarity. 

Below you will find a number of resources I’ve discovered since 2012. Bookmark this page, as I will continue to add to the list as I collaborate and discover more awesome people.

Merryn Padgett



The Happiness Hunter (a global community for connection, expansion + growth)


Alyssa Martin

Camilla Peffer



Leo Babauta (musings on zen living)

Paul Jarvis (awesome writer & web designer)

Dionne Lew (The Social Executive)

The Underneathness (for those who relish the unseen energy in this world)

Trevor Young (PR extraordinaire)

Mossman Media (communications specialist)

Engaging Women (inspirational spaces & people)

Simon Sinek (inspirational thought leader)

The Collective Hub

Flying Solo


Robert Gerrish – Flying Solo

Loren Bartley + Fiona Redding – #BusinessAddicts

Trevor Young – Reputation Revolution

Alyssa Martin – Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur (added 19-1-2016)

Paul Jarvis – The Freelancer (added 6-2-2016)

Angela Raspass – Your Next Chapter (added 6-2-2016)

Kelly Exeter – Let It Be (added 6-2-2016)


Asana (project management software)

Manager (accounting software)

Dropbox (file sharing software)

Evernote (note taking & record keeping app) (unsubscribe from newsletters in one click)


We’ve assembled a great listicle in this blog post:


40 Freaking Awesome Graphic Design Resources