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The Brand Nirvana Playlist: Volume #1

A new series on the Earth & Sea blog: The Brand Nirvana Playlist. Lists of things that grace my ears when I’m out walking, for your auditory enjoyment. First up, podcasts.   These are my go-to podcasts.            October 2016 playlist:   1 October 2016 #BusinessAddicts discussing business trade marks with Lisa Win.   3 October 2016 …

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Awesome People to Discover Vol 1: eL Seed TED Talk – Street art with a message of hope & peace

Hands up if you LOVE discovering inspiring people? Ditto. And I love sharing the wisdom I discover… it’s all about the ripple effect. I had the pleasure of attending the Strategies for Inspired Health & Personal Success Seminar yesterday – a seminar facilitated in East Gippsland by two awesome people living their passion and heeding to their calling with absolute …

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