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Brand Nirvana Conversations: Christine Ford, Sensual Seed Oracle Cards

Through serendipity and mutual connections the stars aligned when Christine Ford needed a designer to bring her legacy project to life.   As Christine described the vision for Sensual Seed Oracle Cards, I knew this would be a unique collaboration. At the time I was unaware of the depth of our connection, nor the impact …

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Case Study: The Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck

It’s not every day a graphic designer has the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing, compassionate and soulful person to help them bring their passion project to life. Passion projects are BIG ideas coming to life, and they often bubble away in the unconscious for many years before becoming fully realised. This particular passion project is a collaboration …

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Human-centred branding: shift your perception

What if… The very essence of why you do what you do is incongruent with the way your brand interacts with people? Your passion to serve your ideal client is quelled while you unconsciously conform to industry expectations? You aren’t too sure who your ideal client is? Your brand promises one thing and does another. The design …

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