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keep calm & colour in!

I’m sure you know that scene from Forrest Gump quite well.

Shit does happen, it’s how you respond in the moment that is the key.

Most people go into flight mode and respond during the crisis with a degree of effortless chic, then crumble afterward. It’s a normal response.

And one thing I’ve learned is that clients will be understanding, and won’t mind you clearing your calendar for a few weeks while you regroup. Work will always be there. And no tombstone EVER stated “They were such an amazingly dedicated employee, we will miss them at our Fortune 500 company”!

Your friends will rally around you, offering you whatever you might need at that time with no expectation of a return of favour. 

And the power of social media is actually an ok thing during a crisis, provided it’s used in a private context. Private Facebook Groups are the new black. The power of the posse is phenomenal. A tribe to support you, share intimately fragile moments with you and be there for you in a time of need is completely priceless.

I could give you a carefully curated list of ways to keep your shit together when shit is hitting the fan. But I refrain today. Although meditation, chocolate and shopping are certainly my top three, with creativity coming an equal fourth!

I say silence the mind and listen to your heart. And when all else fails, colour in or get creative! That’s been my response to a major crisis in recent times, and this is how Spirit Ink came to life.

From the challenge rises beauty and joy. Spirit Ink is a place where I indulge a passion for all things woo-woo, and package them up into overtly woo-woo products like colouring sheets and soulful greeting cards. My unicorn loving hippy mates adore the Spirit Ink range. And those who are non woo-woo enjoying chilling with a colouring sheet whilst quietly ‘downloading’ the calming benefits of the mandala.

Enjoy colouring the Spirit Ink brand Mandala. It’s my gift to you today. Because shit happened and I’m grateful for all facets of life right now.