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Case Study: Remake It Rebrand

The Brand Story

Erin Clifford is the Founder of Remake It, a handmade label which specializes in creating casual accessories and homewares that tell a story. By purchasing a Remake It piece, you are making sustainable choices for a better future. With a background in Interior Design, Erin is passionate about sustainable design and living and wants to get people thinking about the way they live and consume products.

Remake It is defined by taking items, mostly fabric, and saving it from landfill to create new, innovative and unique products.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Erin has spent the last three years transforming herself. Finding renewed confidence, Erin is now ready to stop struggling through life and make a difference to the future for her family.

2015 is the pinnacle for transformation for Remake It, and Earth & Sea Creative are commissioned to undertake the rebrand.

The Brief

The design brief is relatively open; with a requirement for simple, clear design that communicates recycling/upcycling. An element of vintage and modern styling is also acceptable. Other keywords are: sustainability, earth/environment, trust, artistic/creative, nostalgic, prestigious and sophisticated. Colour palette inspiration includes Chartreuse, blues and warm tones. The moodboard which follows overleaf highlights a variety of aesthetics for the design.

The Gallery