Art » Powerlines & The Moon – March 2014

Powerlines & The Moon – March 2014

This illustration is inspired by Jeffrey Smart’s Industrial Photorealism paintings, and John Paul Caponigro’s use of photography to inspire illustrations.

The original photographsnapped on my iPhone using Instagram, entitled Powerlines & The Moon was inspiring for many reasons.

Firstly the moon was out as I walked my son to school, which is always a blessing in my eyes.

Secondly, the synergy between the cloud formations and the powerlines really captured my attention. And hence the reason for developing the illustration.

I created Powerlines & The Moon by placing a photograph into an Illustrator canvas and tracing inspiring elements.

Pure colour is a major source of inspiration at the moment, so this is the reason for using pure cyan and yellow in the work.

Powerlines & The Moon by Merryn Padgett (Earth & Sea Creative)