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Case Study: Little Alice Cafe Branding Project

Little Alice Cafe is a place to call your own.

Located in the heart of the Bairnsdale central business district; owner Louise Allen created an establishment that values producing amazing coffee, using fresh and vibrant local produce and offering exceptional service.

The design brief was to develop a cohesive, minimalist, whimsical and free-spirited brand identity for little alice cafe.

The brand identity and style elements are to be used across a range of mediums, most of which were developed by Earth & Sea Creative. Alice in Wonderland iconography was accepted into the creative process, however the imagery needed to avoid cliché.

The design rationale & project highlights

The chosen design solution is minimalist, bold, fresh and dynamic.

Inspired by the stamp style logos adopted by hipster cafes in Melbourne, the little alice cafe visual identity can be transferred to a variety of mediums whilst maintaining an effortless cool aesthetic.

The project entailed the development of the brand identity plus business cards, coffee cards, catering postcards, social media elements, email marketing integration, stickers, stamps and the menu.

To honour the brand’s core value of sustainability and using locally sourced products, we called on Black Rainbow Printing to produce all print collateral.

100% post-consumer recycled paper, soy based inks and zero carbon manufacture is a huge feature for the business cards, coffee cards, catering postcards and seasonal menus.

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