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Human-centred branding: shift your perception

Image credit: Alain Sauzéat Seth - Paris via Amsterdam Street Art
Image credit: Alain Sauzéat Seth – Paris via Amsterdam Street Art

What if…

The very essence of why you do what you do is incongruent with the way your brand interacts with people?

Your passion to serve your ideal client is quelled while you unconsciously conform to industry expectations?

You aren’t too sure who your ideal client is?

Your brand promises one thing and does another.

The design of your logo, stationery or website no longer suits the direction of your business?

Guess what?

There is a conscious, empathic, genuine and human-centred way to connect with your tribe to ensure brand success.

It’s called human-centred branding. The underpinning psychology for human-centred branding is human-centred theory, and is inspired by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. Bernadette Jiwa and Simon Sinek’s marketing and leadership methodologies have also added a rainbow flavour to the human-centred branding process.

There are six core principles to human-centred branding…

  • Why?: Why do you do what you do? Why does your brand matter to your clients? Why will your clients choose you over the competition? 
  • Passion: What is your brand’s story? When did your passion spark? How can you build your brand on your core passion and articulate your love for your brand in all that you do?
  • People: Do you know your ideal client? How can you discover where they hang out and genuinely be there for them to interact with you? Do you understand what they need, so that your product or service is the perfect fit for their journey? Are you working to establish a genuine connection with your tribe? Are you at the forefront of your tribe’s mind when they are ready to make a purchase, so they choose you?
  • Congruence: Is your brand promise, mission, vision and values central to everything you do? What is your tribe’s perception of you? Is your brand identity the perfect visual expression of your brand values?
  • Genuineness: Are you genuine and authentic in all that you do? Do you walk the talk? If you make a mistake, how do you genuinely rectify the problem?
  • Empathy: Do you wholeheartedly understand your tribe’s needs and wants? And if you don’t know, do you ask? How do you empathise with their problems? How do you ensure that your product or service is the solution they seek as the answer to their problems?

At the end of the day, we are people (selling a product) engaging with people (who need to buy that product). Passion, authenticity and empathy are a much more colourful way to relate with your tribe; I’m sure that your tribe will feel valued and you will feel the synergy too!

This is a snapshot of the essence of human-centred branding. When people collaborate with Earth & Sea Creative, the design process is always mapped out in accordance with these principles; and I call this Brand Nirvana.