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Case Study: Hillcrest Farm Organics Rebrand

An email marketing Masterclass, which led to a full scale rebrand.

The Hillcrest Farm Organics case study is the perfect example of one packaged service leading to a full scale project.

As a creative contrast to daily life on the land; Billie of Hillcrest Farm Organics enjoys storytelling. Beautiful photographic moments, of the animals and the pristine landscape that surrounds Billie, are captured daily and shared on the Farm’s Facebook page.

To complement the Farm’s use of social media in the storytelling process, Billie wanted to learn how to use MailChimp and that’s where Earth & Sea Creative came into the picture.

In late 2013, the studio led an Email Marketing Masterclass with Billie, empowering her with knowledge to understand basics of MailChimp and start sending out campaigns to the Farm’s audience. We set up a few templates, imported the subscriber list and the Farm was on it’s merry way.

During the Masterclass, we enjoyed a simple conversation which centred on the packaging of the Farm’s egg and milk products. Hillcrest needed a label that would adhere to the milk cartons, as their initial solution was not working.

At the end of this conversation, we all concluded that brand consistency was an essential consideration and that change was the key.

The project encompassed:

  • The brand identity: transforming the original brand from ordinary to exceptional by developing a stronger brand identity which honoured the heritage of the Farm
  • Brand descriptor: the development of a visual brand descriptor
  • Stationery: business cards & digital letterhead
  • Social media: a refreshed Facebook profile and the inclusion of Instagram in the storytelling mix
  • Packaging: free range egg labels and Guernsey milk labels

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