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Happiness – what does it mean to you?

On the page dedicated to 17 March, in the book Buddhist Offerings 365, happiness is a theme.

“Happiness is the result on inner maturity. It depends on us alone, and requires patient work, carried out from day to day. Happiness must be built, and this requires time and effort. In the long term, happiness and unhappiness are therefore a way of being, or a life skill.” – Matthieu Ricard.

It was an email received on 17 March, from Beth Phelan of The World Happiness Forum, which prompted immediate action to paint the E&SC digital realm pure yellow because yellow is my symbol for happiness.

Registering for the Day of Happiness 7 Day Challenge seemed logical, because I live my life from a positive psychology perspective anyway. Sure, I have my moments of humanness, but all in all I count my blessings on a daily basis and this in turn radiates happiness to my inner circle.

After creating a bit of shareable content and plastering across the Earth & Sea Creative digital stratosphere, I grounded myself to ponder what happiness means. Here’s my response, along with a number of beautiful responses from my lovely followers.

“Happiness is living authentically, a totally transformational journey and ensuring that your heart drives your actions rather than your head. Merryn Padgett.”

Terry Padgett:
Being fully content in your life, thats what it means to me. Waking up happy, enjoying your family and friendships!

Kate Gordon-Addison:
For me happiness is fleeting and momentary – this isn’t a bad thing – it’s a wonderful thing. I think striving to be happy all the time is unrealistic and self-defeating; striving to be content (as Terry points out) is what keeps you focussed, centred, grounded and living a life within the bounds of reality. We can learn and grow so much from all our emotions. We can be encouraged to deal with all our emotions, not prize one above another, and we can learn to manage them (and ourselves) while experiencing the whole gamut of the human experience.

Stacey Price:
Happiness means having time for my business and myself/family, without being consumed by either or either one being compromised. Still trying to work that one out properly!!

Robert Stevens:
Insight, perception, understanding, intuition. Sometimes these flashes appear after prolonged cogitation on a matter and sometimes they appear out of the blue. I am happiest in those moments of awareness.

Freedom, in all its manifestations.

Kelly Burch:
Happiness to me means being able to immerse yourself in who you are, embracing your purpose, without doubting or wondering if it’s okay for you to do that. But happiness can show up in tiny random moments which seem to have nothing to do with anything else, aside from the fact that everything feels absolutely perfect as it is (even if it is chaotic!). Happiness is entwined with trust and heart, as much as purpose or doing and it’s a feeling of all being ‘right’ with the world.

Matthieu Ricard Quote

Over to you now… What does happiness mean to you?