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Case Study: Flywheel Alchemy Brand Development

The Brand Story

Debbie Townsend is the Founder & Master Letterpress Artisan at Flywheel Alchemy.

Originally trained as a Nurse; Debbie worked in the health sector for thirty years, and concurrently had a love for typography, books, drawing and collecting treasures. After enjoying a successful career in her trained field; Debbie wanted to do something creative, for the sheer joy and love of everything letterpress. The process of transmuting the soul of paper to an artisan piece is very inspiring for Debbie, and she wants to share her love with others through the products she creates.

Debbie’s husband owns a demolition business and is also an avid collector. In January 2010, after completing a job, he discovered a set of letters and brought them home to show Debbie. At the moment of exchange, Flywheel Alchemy was born.

The development of Flywheel Alchemy into a sustainable business will involve the use of:

  • Traditional Letterpress: using individual lead letters to compose words, sentences, poems, and stories.
  • Contemporary Photopolymer Plates: to produce luxury letterpress printed products/stationery; anything from a tag or business card, to intricate wedding invitation, or poster/A4 print.
  • The Artisan Handmade Book: in which hand composed lettering of words, are printed by hand using antique letterpress printing equipment, to produce limited edition printed books.

The Design Brief

Earth & Sea Creative were engaged to develop the Flywheel Alchemy brand identity, social media graphics and website. The brief was specific:

  • Consider the use of a vectorised version of the Arab Press Flywheel as the brand mark
  • Black colour palette, to easily translate to letterpress print without compromising integrity of the design
  • Dante typeface

The Gallery