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Permission to be immersed in creativity

Participating in the 2nd United Nations International Day of Happiness highlighted a synergy between the environment and creativity.

And this was fully validated when I watched this TEDx Talk by John Paul Caponigro.

John Paul’s presentation gives the audience permission to be creative, which is what we often need to move past the fear of failure and into a space of pure freedom and creation!

This place of freedom is what I sought to develop by pursuing The Happiness Revolution on 20 March 2014. The process gave me permission to draw, find beauty in the environment in which I live and work, capture the moment and share it on Instagram through the hashtag #happinessday.

The physical environment influences, shapes and energises the creative process.

How many times have you felt absolutely amazing after a walk in the bush or along the ocean’s edge?

Nature cleanses the soul by recalibrating the energy system to the heart centre. Which is where pure creativity resides.

I find that when I take a trip back to the city, aka the concrete jungle, my aura and energy stifles with the hectic pace. I always feel more creative when I return home to East Gippsland.

Beauty can be found wherever you are, but the conscious ability to immerse yourself in environmental creativity is better discovered in a pure environment like nature.

Baring the soul through creativity

Happiness Day validated the need to return to drawing as an expression of creativity. Here’s some examples of works produced before, during and after the event. Plus iPhoneography, which I love to explore.

So tell me… are you creative?!

A moment in time
“A moment in time” by Merryn Padgett – Derwent Pencil and Artline Pen on Paper, 1996.
“Clouds & Lines” March 2014
Curved Tree
“Gragin Curves” March 2014
Earth Hour Buddha Love
“Earth Hour Buddha Love” March 2014
“Ferry Happy” March 2014
“Moody Sky 1” March 2014
“Moody Sky 2” March 2014
“Moody Sky 3” March 2014
“Industrial Reflections” March 2014
“Heaven” March 2014
“Moody Masts” March 2014
My Fave View
“My Fave View” March 2014
Ocean Grange
“Grange Ripple Sky” March 2014
Pure Sky
“Pure Sky” March 2014
“Ripples While I Wait” March 2014
Self portrait 2
“Self Portrait 2” March 2014
Self portrait
“Self Portrait” March 2014
Shadows 2
“Shadows 2” March 2014
“Shadows” March 2014
Treble Clef Dancer
“Treble Clef Dancer” March 2014
Wattle Tree Bark
“Black Wattle Tree Ripples” March 2014