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Creative Anxiety Vol 1: You are not alone


Each year, a branding project will challenge every creative cell in my body, mind and soul.


It’s evident that this is how any creative person evolves. But when the head is taking over from the heart and creative anxiety sets in, it’s often hard to remember “you can do this… you are not alone.”

Why do anxiety and fear of failure hold people back from achieving success?

In this post, a colleague shares three great ways to push through the fear and achieve positive outcomes.

And today I write this article to say: “If you live with creative anxiety, you are not alone.”

Most creatives feel some form of anxiety during the creative process, and here’s proof!

So surrender your creative anxiety and push through the fear. It’s the only way you will experience the empowering feeling of success.

Firstly, the writers share their wisdom on creative anxiety…


“I find that a lot of my anxiety stems from postponing starting work; I’ll develop an idea in my head as to what’s required which may/may not even be true… And fixate on the absence of work rather than actually starting. My biggest problem is just sitting down, creating an environment for creativity and trusting that I do actually know what I’m doing (most of the time!) don’t mess around – just get to it.”

“Well. I certainly experience anxiety. For me it’s a case of writing authentically and after a point hitting publish. Often the anxiety continues for a few days. I have noticed that after a few weeks I have a different reaction, more positive. So I guess it’s letting go of my creation, and accepting that I’m too close to see it clearly, but time will tell if it’s any good. Feel the fear and publish anyway!”

“Ah, procrastination… Yep, I’m guilty! And that guilt can often lead to my writer’s block. There’s nothing worse than staring at that blank screen or piece of paper, and… Nothing. It’s like as soon as you’re ready to sit down and get on with it, your brain says that you can’t do it. And your mind, of course, takes over everything. But your thoughts will only consume what you feed them, so I often adopt a lot of techniques to overcome writer’s block. I recently wrote a piece with a humorous take on how to deal with this, (just a first draft) and one of my top tips is free-flow writing, where you put pen to paper and just write. Set a timer and keep going; no editing, no filter, just what ever is in your head, goes onto that page. It’s extremely cathartic, and after rambling for a bit, you find what it is that you have to say. You find your true voice.”

And then the visual artists offer their insights…


“The way I overcome creative anxiety is to open my chakras or intuition and let creativity flow inwards, I let my ego get out of the way, and it just works. Trust yourself and trust whatever the outcome is will be. Yes, it is THAT simple and it works every time because when you realise and trust that we are all energy then we always flow and change and reinvent. We’re amazing creations ourselves.”

“I suffer a lot and have to often say just do it!”

“I remind myself that good design is a process. There are steps and techniques: a formula. You keep reviewing the brief and result as many times as you need until it’s right. Also; listen to the quiet voice in the back of your mind and ask yourself ‘what’s working here?’ And ‘what’s not working? What don’t I like and why?'”

And here is a visual essay of memorable projects that challenged every creative fibre in my heart. Some were first time collaborations, and others were a major first for the studio!