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Be the 1%

Entrepreneurship is not a lifestyle, nor a big vision or a skill to be learnt. It’s a drive, that makes you get out of bed each day and tackle things that would leave others crippled with fear, rocking in corner. It’s the action you take in order to leave your legacy for this lifetime. It’s your Why. Your core …

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The Intuitive Way to Unlock Your ‘Why’

Whilst undertaking a Diploma of Holistic Counselling Practice I lost track of the number of times our lecturer instilled “Never use ‘why’ during a session”.    The use of ‘why’ forms a probing question. And depending on the audience’s internal dialogue, the context in which the word is used and tone of voice from the communicator, it’s condemning.   So why …

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Empathy: the essential ingredient in the customer service pie

  Famished at 3pm, a person realised they unintentionally skipped lunch.   “A pie from my local bakery” they thought. “That will have to do”.   Upon entering the bakery, the shop attendant was making a couple of rolls. The customer was the only person in the shop, and they needed food as soon as humanly possible. The shop attendant looked …

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Case Study: The Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck

It’s not every day a graphic designer has the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing, compassionate and soulful person to help them bring their passion project to life. Passion projects are BIG ideas coming to life, and they often bubble away in the unconscious for many years before becoming fully realised. This particular passion project is a collaboration …

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A successful creative project starts with a solid briefing process, and one word: ‘Why?’.

Simon Sinek’s renowned TEDx Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is resurging. Simon has this incredibly candid way of sharing wisdom and intelligence in a simple way. And this is why this TEDx Talk is the basis of the Brand Nirvana briefing process.   I’m a firm believer in fleshing out all of the intuitive and pragmatic ideas you have …

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