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Sometimes, you need to stop and buy the shoes

You’re busy.  You have deadlines to meet. There’s no time to stop.   You have bills to pay. A business to grow. Goals to achieve.   You’re walking down the street and a pair of shoes catch your eye. They’re fabulous and elicit shiny-object-syndrome. You want the shoes. “I can’t stop, I’m busy, I’ve got bills to …

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5 ways to cure self doubt + overwhelm when trying something new

If you’re about to take a massive leap of faith in business, chances are you might be experiencing an equally big dose of <insert negative state of mind here>.   Soloist life has it’s perks: freedom, collaborating with amazing people, travel, self-empowerment, leaving a legacy, helping people, monetising your passion etc etc.    And then there are the times …

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6 ways to keep your business sparkle alive post-holiday

Holidays are such a brilliant way to take time out, recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones and work on the business. And then the day comes when you have to return to work. It’s ‘game on’, but you might be juggling kids who are on holidays and this is tricky at times. In …

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8 ways a soloist can effortlessly manage the school holiday juggling act

It’s been raining for three days straight, the Star Wars/Frozen/pink unicorn banter is wearing you thin + the sparkle of Christmas went to the compost heap with the tree.   You’re juggling soloist life during the school holidays and feel guilty for allowing the kids to have more screen time than you hoped would happen. But then you remember that meme your …

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