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5 ways to cure self doubt + overwhelm when trying something new

If you’re about to take a massive leap of faith in business, chances are you might be experiencing an equally big dose of <insert negative state of mind here>.   Soloist life has it’s perks: freedom, collaborating with amazing people, travel, self-empowerment, leaving a legacy, helping people, monetising your passion etc etc.    And then there are the times …

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Rebrand? 3 ways to make friends with the word 'change' by Earth & Sea Creative

If the word ‘rebrand’ overwhelms you, here’s 3 ways to make friends with ‘change’

Have you reached a point in your business’ journey where the notion of ‘change’ needs to enter the equation so you up-level? You may have quickly thought of a business name, registered it and launched without a plan; thinking “I’ll see how this all goes, and then invest in the business in the future.”   What if: The thought of change overwhelms you, but you …

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