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Brand intuition

Your first year in business may bring up emotions, obstacles & challenges. And it’s ok. You will survive. Yes, the process might be overwhelming. And yes, a mentor or coach is a great sounding board when needed. It’s also an investment in yourself and your business to engage their services. So if you’re balance sheet is looking …

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a black and white image of the larder and spade brand mark

Case Study: Larder and Spade Brand Development

Marmalade producers take their craft quite seriously, so much so there’s an annual competition in Dalemain, UK. The Oscars of the marmalade world, this is where artisan producers enter their perfect batch for judging. The hope & goal of this ceremonial act: winning the coveted Gold Medal. Annette Guyatt, Founder of Larder and Spade, is so passionate about marmalade and her enthusiasm is captivating.  Annette produces artisan …

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How to declutter your brand

Recently, a very talented friend helped declutter my wardrobe & the process helped awaken a sense of freedom from stuff. Because shiny stuff is magnetic & I’m like a bowerbird. Decluttering clothing sparked not only joy & transformation, but a deeply reflective process on The Art of Decluttering Your Brand. In particular, how KonMari can be applied to visual branding & personal branding. There …

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The Secret to Launching a Brand with Strength

When it comes to investing your precious start up capital into your business, where do you start?   There are a number of elements a business needs to consider when launching a brand. If you are passionate about why you do what you do, rather than branding intricacies, this checklist will seem daunting at first.   Brand strategy Logo design Stationery …

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Case Study: Soulstice Artisan Body Care

The brand story: Ali Kelly of Soulstice Artisan Body Care is a massage therapist and reflexologist who struggled to find a soap to suit her sensitive skin. So she started making her own. Prior to engaging Earth & Sea Creative, Soulstice went by the brand name ‘Wicked Soaps’. The brand name and identity no longer served the direction …

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10 reasons why your personal beliefs are your brand message

Why is it that a branding specialist or copywriter needs to know so much about YOU as a person in order to create something like a logo or copy for your business?    Have you ever answered a creative briefing question with ‘N/A’.   I bet you muttered to yourself “This question is not relevant to my situation”    Guess what? Your worldview UNEQUIVOCALLY matters to …

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