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Be the 1%

Entrepreneurship is not a lifestyle, nor a big vision or a skill to be learnt. It’s a drive, that makes you get out of bed each day and tackle things that would leave others crippled with fear, rocking in corner. It’s the action you take in order to leave your legacy for this lifetime. It’s your Why. Your core …

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The Intuitive Way to Unlock Your ‘Why’

Whilst undertaking a Diploma of Holistic Counselling Practice I lost track of the number of times our lecturer instilled “Never use ‘why’ during a session”.    The use of ‘why’ forms a probing question. And depending on the audience’s internal dialogue, the context in which the word is used and tone of voice from the communicator, it’s condemning.   So why …

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Got an idea? Be bold. Until you try, you will never know the liberating feeling of success.

Are you in business? This quote is a great reminder to keep the faith! Have you ever noticed how cyclic and changeable trends are? Do you choose to be influenced by trends, yet keep your focus on what you know best… working hard to offer people the best customer service, ideas and advice. Here’s six …

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Why you need to quit DIY + outsource to a professional

There’s a lot to be said for outsourcing in business. But do it holistically and sustainably. When it’s right for you. Start ups are often torn in many directions when it comes to investing their hard earned cash in their business. In the beginning, cash flow may often be more hamster wheel than a well …

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How bravery in business can lead to new opportunities

Hands up who else has learned a few life hacks since being in business? Let me guess… Who is your ideal client? How can you create authentic value that your ideal client will want to buy into? How can your business best support your ideal client’s journey? How to feel the fear and do it anyway How to wing …

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Human-centred branding: shift your perception

What if… The very essence of why you do what you do is incongruent with the way your brand interacts with people? Your passion to serve your ideal client is quelled while you unconsciously conform to industry expectations? You aren’t too sure who your ideal client is? Your brand promises one thing and does another. The design …

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