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Case study: Divine Warrior Yoga Brand Development

The Brand Story

Candra Sleeman is the Founder of Divine Warrior Yoga; a connected, safe, relaxing and inspiring space for people to come to where they can deepen their connection to their physical and energetic body. 

In 2013 Candra worked in a stressful job and endured the physical ailments of a bad back. She sought to change her life and did so through the power of Yoga. She enrolled in a yoga teacher training course, and shortly after quit that stressful job. Through engaging in a strong yoga practice and coming from a teaching perspective Candra started to notice the shifts in her mind, her sleep and her ability to deal with stress.

By participating in regular classes at Divine Warrior Yoga; people are able to feel a deeper connection and acceptance with their body, to heal any physical ailments by tapping into their deeper physical wisdom and what their body “really” wants in any given moment. Through her teachings, Candra enables people to access their intuition and higher self more easily through giving them the tools to quiet their minds. 

Classes at Divine Warrior Yoga are mindful, heartful and really engage all aspects of the Self. Candra believes in connection and community and sees coming together in a yoga class as a beautiful way of achieving this. She believes we need to engage all parts of ourselves; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in order to become our highest self and believes deeply that yoga facilitates this awakening.

The Brief

Earth & Sea Creative were engaged to develop the brand identity for Divine Warrior Yoga.

The brief is quite specific:

  • A combined logo mark incorporating the Exalted Warrior pose into the design
  • A royal purple or plum colour palette
  • A clean sans serif typeface, or an attract serif with decoration and fluidity

The Design Rationale

The design expresses the journey of yoga; and that the warrior is within the individual, at the centre of the Soul and in this case the middle of the brand mark.

The Highlights

Candra’s specific requirement to integrate the Exalted Warrior into the logo mark was a fantastic creative challenge. To ensure authenticity in the branding, Candra supplied a hand drawn version of the pose and I digitised the image. Bringing the image to digital life was the biggest highlight of the project, as it ensured my ‘pen skills’ were well and truly flexed!

The Praise

“Merryn was recommended to me by a friend who also works as a small business owner in the area of self improvement and development. From the beginning my interactions with her were filled with ease, she was prompt with responding when I initially contacted her and when we discussed her own vision for her company and how she works with clients, I knew it was the right fit. I could tell immediately that she was coming from a place of integrity and a real desire to help people build their brand.
The concepts that Merryn created were lovely and simple, moving away from all the frilly distracting aspects of so many brands and logos out there and I feel that she captured the unique essence of my business and what I stand for.  When I moved into indecision about which logo to choose with she was fantastic in coaching me through it and getting me in touch with what was making me stuck in indecision so that I could make a more clear and honest decision that was in line with my deepest values. 
I didn’t have to chase her for anything and she was fantastic in all our dealings together. I highly recommend her!” Candra Sleeman

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