#GSD » How bravery in business can lead to new opportunities

How bravery in business can lead to new opportunities


Hands up who else has learned a few life hacks since being in business?

Let me guess…

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How can you create authentic value that your ideal client will want to buy into?
  • How can your business best support your ideal client’s journey?
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • How to wing it!
  • How to anchor your values, and have them tested, quite possibly in one moment!
  • How to develop new skills, on the fly, with pressing deadlines!
  • How to set, refine and smash goals!!
  • How to remain sane amidst challenge!!!
  • How to maintain motivation
  • How to juggle many things with a degree of effortless chic!
  • Why it’s important to be brave
  • How bravery can lead to new opportunities

In this article, I’m speaking to the final point.

And a little background is necessary to understand the context… 


Intrigued? Read on.


To celebrate the 3rd UN International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2015, I published an curated collection of quotes on happiness, aptly titled HAPPY, and donated 100% of the profits to charity. If you would like to score a free copy of the book, simply download here.


Rather than solely relying on my own library of quotes for that book, SourceBottle was the perfect way to gain contributions from people all around the world.

And this is how I met Catherine Plano, Editor-in-Chief of I AM WOMAN MAGAZINE.

Catherine was suggested by SourceBottle as an expert on mindfulness and brain science. I decided to be bold and make contact with her, asking if she would like to contribute to HAPPY. Catherine embraced my request and happily submitted a quote. And after that transaction we went about business as usual. 


Until… *cue suspense music with a big phat orchestra*… and let’s throw in some *woo woo music: think Tibetan Gongs*!

About a month ago, I was looking at the I AM WOMAN Project website, and simply LOVED what the Project stood for. The thought “I would love to be a part of this” crossed my mind. And then left my mind.

But… this was a brave statement that lead to a new opportunity!

A few weeks’ ago I was given the opportunity to become Creative & Art Director of I AM WOMAN MAGAZINE, and bravery lead to the new opportunity.


In the words of the freaking awesome people at The Art of Women’s Business… sometimes you have to pull up your big girls pants, be brave and take action!

You never know where that bravery may take you.



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