Unmistakable branding is human to human. Not business to business.

You need your brand to speak volumes about who you are, what you stand for, and why it is that you do what you do with such elegance & flair.

Because human-centred, creative & authentic branding moves your audience from browsing, & turns them into proud brand advocates and dream clients, which means abundance for all.

And The Brand Nirvana Experience will make this business goal a reality.

What is The Brand Nirvana Experience?

nirvana – noun

A state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place.

Let’s create a brand that you love, so you build a business with values & benefits that your audience will not only pay attention to, but be inspired by & feel connected to. When this happens, you achieve Brand Nirvana.

Immersing yourself in The Brand Nirvana Experience will help you achieve a brand that’s a true reflection of who you are & what you stand for. We do that by investigating why you do what you do, the passion behind your brand, the people you want to connect with & your own design style.


The process is completely customised to you, your business, & your clients. I give you everything you need & nothing you don’t. That all starts with a conversation to get to know you & your goals.

Here are some of the things that we can design together:

Brand Nirvana: logo + your choice of design treatments

Choose from business card design or digital letterhead design or social media/visual content or flyer/postcard design or everything!

  • It all starts with a Brand Nirvana Strategy session, where we dig deep & find the gold nuggets of your brand. Then I bring this vision to life.

  • You will have a brand identity that cuts through the sea of sameness & is a true reflection of all you stand for in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Your business card floats to the top of the pile after a networking event.

  • Your branding system is cohesive + in alignment with your future business vision.

Digital Nirvana: WordPress website + email marketing integration

  • Launch a beautiful, easy-to-maintain 24/7 online presence built using Wordpress & customised to suit your brand (including premium fonts & colour palette)

  • I teach you how to navigate the backend in a 1:1 masterclass in person or via Skype.

  • You receive 3 months free website support post-handover.

  • Build your email list from day one because Mailchimp is integrated into the design.

  • One newsletter template customised to suit your brand style guide + tone of voice.

  • I teach you how to use Mailchimp via a masterclass in person or Skype.

  • Up to 5 pages of copywriting plus 2 revisions if required.

  • 2yrs domain name registration (.com.au, .net.au).

  • 1yr web hosting – 20GB cPanel hosting with 400GB monthly bandwidth & unlimited email accounts.
  • Optional integrations: eCommerce, Events or Booking functionalities.

But what you’re really getting is:


The Brand Nirvana Experience helps you find your brand essence, tease out your value proposition & develop a resonant brand personality like no other.


Your brand essence will be visually communicated to the world through your logo design so you attract your dream clients & have a flourishing business from day one.


Entrepreneurship is a journey. You go outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. Thoughts will surface as you take a big leap of faith & you might need to offload. I’m your confidante & your loyal brand supporter.

How does The Brand Nirvana Experience work?

The Brand Nirvana Experience is an intuitive, free-flowing process that’s guided by 10 key steps.

  • Get in touch: You drop me a line through the contact form & let me know a few key things about your project.

  • Discover: We get together for 30 minutes over Skype for virtual coffee to see if we’re a good fit & briefly discuss the ins & outs of your project.

  • Proposal: I’ll send you an official proposal for everything you need & nothing you don’t, so that you can be sure that I share your goals & am as committed to your brand’s success as you are.

  • Go time: You decide to go ahead with the project & I send you a 25% non-refundable deposit to book my time, then we schedule a strategy session.

  • Brief: You will look at: Your Why, Your People, Your Vision. And give me an insight into your design preferences: colour, fonts, inspiration.

  • Strategy: We jump back on Skype to discuss the project brief & make sure we’re on the same page.

  • Research: I get to work researching your responses to The Brief & developing a mood board.

  • Design: This is the fun part! Revision 1.0 concepts with the first deliverable being the mood board & draft designs.

  • Revision: You make your 50% progress payment & I send your draft designs. You reflect on the designs & offer feedback. If necessary, I refine the concepts with up to 2 revisions.

  • Deliver: You make your final 25% payment & I deliver your final files, including your brand & style guide.


Is The Brand Nirvana Experience for you?

The Brand Nirvana Experience encourages you to look within & discover your brand purpose, so that I can design you a logo that has power & presence.

You’ll love The Brand Nirvana Experience if…

  • You want a brand that’s a true reflection of who you are & what you stand for

  • You’re willing to commit the time to getting clear on your brand voice, values & vision. (It’s not something you can outsource to me, unfortunately.)

  • You want to leave this world in a better shape than when you found it.

  • You want designs that will resonate with your ideal audience so that you’re attracting the people that will benefit most from your work.

  • You want to feel a connection with your designer.

  • You want to trust your designer implicitly & know that you’re talking the same language.

  • You want to feel heard during the design process & have your fears & doubts washed away.

Like life itself, The Brand Nirvana Experience is a journey, an investment – in yourself & your business.

With that in mind, this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a cookie cutter logo or brand — you won’t find that here.

Let’s create something magical.

Get in touch using the contact form for a no-obligation 30-minute Brand Consult.

I believe that the best work stems from the best relationships, so we can use this call to see if we’re a good fit and discuss your design wish list.

“Working with Merryn means knowing that someone comes close to caring about your brand as much as you do.”

Yvette Willison, longweekend.content