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The ten typography commandments for designers


Are you seeking to produce memorable, impactful, disruptive designs? This post is for the makers, the creatives, the DIY’ers who long for their type to be full of luscious ligatures and stylistic alternates. Quality type is an investment. Go on … Read more

Brand Nirvana Conversations: Jodie Preiss, Inspiring a Difference


Create a ripple in your world.   A thought-provoking and powerful way to ponder your purpose in life. What impact will your presence leave on the world? What are you doing to change the world, for the better? Encouraging people … Read more

Put on a different hat


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein   You’re coming out of the seed phase of business and it’s time for growth. And this new level of entrepreneurship comes with … Read more

Brand Nirvana Conversations: Christine Ford, Sensual Seed Oracle Cards


Through serendipity and mutual connections the stars aligned when Christine Ford needed a designer to bring her legacy project to life.   As Christine described the vision for Sensual Seed Oracle Cards, I knew this would be a unique collaboration. … Read more

The Brand Nirvana Playlist Volume Two: Self-Care


Nature therapy, resting to recharge, trusting intuition in business, cultivating better habits for stress management and listening to your inner wisdom.   In the Brand Nirvana Playlist Volume Two you will find a number of articles and podcasts with the … Read more

Brand Nirvana Conversations: Bobbie Hall, BOLD Dance & Arts


About eight years’ ago I crossed paths with Bobbie Hall, Principal of BOLD Dance & Arts.   At the time, Bobbie was an early-childhood educator and my son was in her class. He would come home from kinder telling me awesome … Read more

The Ripple Effect


Consider these statements in the context of brand success. Listen to your heart, not your head. What you focus on multiplies. When you have a crystal clear vision for your brand, the cards fall in the right place. Your success … Read more

Brand intuition


Your first year in business may bring up emotions, obstacles & challenges. And it’s ok. You will survive. Yes, the process might be overwhelming. And yes, a mentor or coach is a great sounding board when needed. It’s also an investment in … Read more

Brand harmony


Recently I’ve noticed that developing a brand is akin to cooking the perfect risotto. There are layers of texture and flavour added to the recipe over a period of time and you need to be patient. And right when you think the rice … Read more

Case Study: Inspiring a Difference Brand Nirvana


“There is vitality, a life force energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never … Read more

Case Study: The Abbey Brand Nirvana


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi   The Brand Story The Abbey is a place of contemplation … Read more

Be the 1%


Entrepreneurship is not a lifestyle, nor a big vision or a skill to be learnt. It’s a drive, that makes you get out of bed each day and tackle things that would leave others crippled with fear, rocking in corner. It’s the action you … Read more

Awaken brand alchemy through silence


Solitude, the gift of silence and active listening are skills, which once mastered will extend to all aspects of your life and awaken alchemy.   And this naturally includes your brand. How? Your strategic goals are particles of energy sending vibrations throughout … Read more

The Brand Nirvana Playlist: Volume #1


A new series on the Earth & Sea blog: The Brand Nirvana Playlist. Lists of things that grace my ears when I’m out walking, for your auditory enjoyment. First up, podcasts.   These are my go-to podcasts.            October 2016 playlist: … Read more

Case Study: Wise Women Ride Brand Nirvana


  “I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice.” – Linda McCartney   The Brand Story Wise Women Ride is the result of a pipe dream conjured when Founder, Jeanette White, said she wanted to travel and take people with her along for … Read more

The gift of vulnerability


Have you been given an opportunity to be vulnerable, and your first reaction is to play it safe?   Picture this… You’re attending a business workshop and the guest speaker asks each person to share what they want to get out of … Read more

Will Hipstamatic Oggl eventually replace Instagram?


Instagram innovated & entered game changing territory overnight by introducing a ‘Story’ function which is practically the same as Snapchat. I didn’t jump aboard the Snapchat train, so I can’t compare. But I do wonder if Snapchat will fade like Periscope did. I’m calling … Read more

8 traits of a ‘successful’ person


Have you ever reached a point in your career, reflected on your progress, and mused ‘I’m amazed at how I got to this point”?   Today is one of those days and in this post I offer a genuine account of why … Read more

2016 East Gippsland Digital Forum: what I discovered


East Gippsland is home to fifth & sixth generation locals, sea-changers, tree-changers and is frequented by tourists from all around the world. A pristine environment, East Gippsland is growing and has a lot of potential. In 2015, East Gippsland Shire Council invested in the development of a … Read more

Case Study: Larder and Spade Brand Development


Marmalade producers take their craft quite seriously, so much so there’s an annual competition in Dalemain, UK. The Oscars of the marmalade world, this is where artisan producers enter their perfect batch for judging. The hope & goal of this ceremonial act: winning the coveted Gold Medal. Annette Guyatt, Founder … Read more

How to declutter your brand


Recently, a very talented friend helped declutter my wardrobe & the process helped awaken a sense of freedom from stuff. Because shiny stuff is magnetic & I’m like a bowerbird. Decluttering clothing sparked not only joy & transformation, but a deeply reflective process on The Art of … Read more

What is the next subculture after Hipsters?


Often when I meet a new client, we chat about a variety of elements of their business. Visual branding is one topic of conversation. But we also talk about personal branding because our society tends to judge a brand based on visual appearances, rather … Read more

The Secret to Launching a Brand with Strength


When it comes to investing your precious start up capital into your business, where do you start?   There are a number of elements a business needs to consider when launching a brand. If you are passionate about why you do what … Read more

Case Study: Soulstice Artisan Body Care


The brand story: Ali Kelly of Soulstice Artisan Body Care is a massage therapist and reflexologist who struggled to find a soap to suit her sensitive skin. So she started making her own. Prior to engaging Earth & Sea Creative, Soulstice went by … Read more

What to do with all those free resources you’ve downloaded


You’re on a mission to start the year with unmistakable clarity and profound action and want to increase your knowledge on a variety of topics. So you subscribe to countless mailing lists to grab awesome freebies.   This is the … Read more

How to Create Human-Centred Content


If lead generation & sales are the main reason for content marketing, why do only 28% of businesses invest in content marketing?   For small business owners, the reasons may be…   I don’t know what content marketing is I don’t have … Read more

One Golden Rule of Branding


You’re launching your next big idea, and there’s a chicken and egg scenario at play.   In your mind, the program you need to launch will be up and running before ‘the brand’ is established. And you simply need “The Logo” to launch.   But…the challenge you’re … Read more

Sometimes, you need to stop and buy the shoes


You’re busy.  You have deadlines to meet. There’s no time to stop.   You have bills to pay. A business to grow. Goals to achieve.   You’re walking down the street and a pair of shoes catch your eye. They’re fabulous and … Read more

10 reasons why your personal beliefs are your brand message


Why is it that a branding specialist or copywriter needs to know so much about YOU as a person in order to create something like a logo or copy for your business?    Have you ever answered a creative briefing question with ‘N/A’.   I … Read more

Decoding Design Speak #2: What the heck is kerning?


On Sunday 24 January 2016, social media was abuzz with discussion about Lisa Messenger’s new book. FYI – Lisa is a publishing rock star in the Land of Oz. She pushed her brand value of openness and honesty further in Breakups & Breakthroughs by candidly … Read more

The Intuitive Way to Unlock Your ‘Why’


Whilst undertaking a Diploma of Holistic Counselling Practice I lost track of the number of times our lecturer instilled “Never use ‘why’ during a session”.    The use of ‘why’ forms a probing question. And depending on the audience’s internal dialogue, the context in which the … Read more

5 ways to cure self doubt + overwhelm when trying something new


If you’re about to take a massive leap of faith in business, chances are you might be experiencing an equally big dose of <insert negative state of mind here>.   Soloist life has it’s perks: freedom, collaborating with amazing people, travel, … Read more

Decoding Design Speak #1: What does RGB and CMYK mean?


When your designer starts talking about RGB + CMYK, do you simply glaze over and wish they would quit the jargon?  RGB and CMYK are common terms used in the design industry. ‘Screen’ and ‘print’ are the client-facing version but your … Read more

6 ways to keep your business sparkle alive post-holiday


Holidays are such a brilliant way to take time out, recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones and work on the business. And then the day comes when you have to return to work. It’s ‘game on’, but … Read more

8 ways a soloist can effortlessly manage the school holiday juggling act


It’s been raining for three days straight, the Star Wars/Frozen/pink unicorn banter is wearing you thin + the sparkle of Christmas went to the compost heap with the tree.   You’re juggling soloist life during the school holidays and feel guilty for allowing the kids to … Read more

If the word ‘rebrand’ overwhelms you, here’s 3 ways to make friends with ‘change’


Have you reached a point in your business’ journey where the notion of ‘change’ needs to enter the equation so you up-level? You may have quickly thought of a business name, registered it and launched without a plan; thinking “I’ll see how this all goes, and then invest … Read more

Empathy: the essential ingredient in the customer service pie


  Famished at 3pm, a person realised they unintentionally skipped lunch.   “A pie from my local bakery” they thought. “That will have to do”.   Upon entering the bakery, the shop attendant was making a couple of rolls. The customer was … Read more

Creative Anxiety Vol 1: You are not alone


Each year, a branding project will challenge every creative cell in my body, mind and soul.   It’s evident that this is how any creative person evolves. But when the head is taking over from the heart and creative anxiety sets in, it’s often … Read more

Awesome People to Discover Vol 2: Emilie Wapnick


As a twenty-something misfit I relished the next party on Chapel Street Windsor and designer suits and luxury fragrances and shiny material objects. I had no vision for the future, and really admired people who ‘knew’ what they ‘wanted to be when they grew up’.  … Read more

keep calm & colour in!


I’m sure you know that scene from Forrest Gump quite well. Shit does happen, it’s how you respond in the moment that is the key. Most people go into flight mode and respond during the crisis with a degree of effortless chic, then crumble afterward. It’s … Read more

What’s the best Instagram image size?


Out of 10, how do you rate your ability to navigate the visual marketing minefield? 1 = I need help! 10 = I’m Coco Chanel darling. Do you ever find yourself remarking ‘Why are social media platforms constantly changing their game plan?’ I’m a self-confessed … Read more

7 ways to maintain motivation in business!


This post is to inspire you to follow you passion and live your Why! 7 ways to maintain motivation in business. How to Never Give Up   Indirect Path to Success   9 Types of Intelligence   Start Up Mistakes   Start Up Survival … Read more

Awesome People to Discover Vol 1: eL Seed TED Talk – Street art with a message of hope & peace


Hands up if you LOVE discovering inspiring people? Ditto. And I love sharing the wisdom I discover… it’s all about the ripple effect. I had the pleasure of attending the Strategies for Inspired Health & Personal Success Seminar yesterday – a seminar facilitated in … Read more

Seeking Happiness: The Life of an Artist through the Lens of Photographer Yari Sacco


Seeking Happiness: The Life of an Artist through the Lens of Photographer Yari Sacco. The visual and written language in this post is stunning. So much so I had to share. via Seeking Happiness: The Life of an Artist through the … Read more

Case Study: The Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck


It’s not every day a graphic designer has the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing, compassionate and soulful person to help them bring their passion project to life. Passion projects are BIG ideas coming to life, and they often bubble away in the … Read more

Zen wisdom for conducting business


Leo Babauta is a major source of inspiration at Earth & Sea Creative. Learn about the underpinning values for Leo’s business. This post is fabulous.

40 Freaking Awesome Graphic Design Resources: Vol 1


Please be my guest and enter the Holy Grail…   This is a new post series – where I reveal coveted graphic design resources as I add them to my library. So you’re putting together a flyer and need an image that … Read more

28 amazing ways to unplug from technology.


At the tender age of six, the creative fire lit within & I discovered stationery. The internet wasn’t around when I was a kid, and you know what? I’m so happy about that. I experienced life. I knew what it … Read more

A successful creative project starts with a solid briefing process, and one word: ‘Why?’.


Simon Sinek’s renowned TEDx Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is resurging. Simon has this incredibly candid way of sharing wisdom and intelligence in a simple way. And this is why this TEDx Talk is the basis of the Brand Nirvana briefing process.   I’m … Read more

Got an idea? Be bold. Until you try, you will never know the liberating feeling of success.


Are you in business? This quote is a great reminder to keep the faith! Have you ever noticed how cyclic and changeable trends are? Do you choose to be influenced by trends, yet keep your focus on what you know … Read more

Why you need to quit DIY + outsource to a professional


There’s a lot to be said for outsourcing in business. But do it holistically and sustainably. When it’s right for you. Start ups are often torn in many directions when it comes to investing their hard earned cash in their … Read more

How bravery in business can lead to new opportunities


Hands up who else has learned a few life hacks since being in business? Let me guess… Who is your ideal client? How can you create authentic value that your ideal client will want to buy into? How can your business best support … Read more

Infographic: How to create a succinct & effective brand voice, tone & style


I’m always interested in discovering branding resources that complement my own ideas on human-centred branding and design. So I thought I would share this post from Salesforce. Click To Enlarge

Case study: Divine Warrior Yoga Brand Development


The Brand Story Candra Sleeman is the Founder of Divine Warrior Yoga; a connected, safe, relaxing and inspiring space for people to come to where they can deepen their connection to their physical and energetic body.  In 2013 Candra worked … Read more

Human-centred branding: shift your perception


What if… The very essence of why you do what you do is incongruent with the way your brand interacts with people? Your passion to serve your ideal client is quelled while you unconsciously conform to industry expectations? You aren’t too … Read more

Case Study: Interior Philosophy Brand Development


The Brand Story  Tania Goranitis is the Founder of Interior Philosophy, an interior styling and home organisation service located in Paynesville, East Gippsland. Tania believes that a beautiful and well organised home is important to her client’s life, as the home should be a sanctuary and it should … Read more

Earth & Sea Unplugged


East Gippsland folk are fortunate to live in a holiday destination. It was beautiful to unplug from the computer and work over the weekend, and get an earth & sea fix. First stop: Earth Fix at Fairy Dell, Wiseleigh (near … Read more

Case Study: GrantsPro Brand Development


The Brand Story Marguerite Davie and Susy Jones are the Directors of GrantsPro, a specialist grants management training and services company for government and other organisations that invest in people, communities and business through funding. Marguerite and Susy want to … Read more

The newest social media trend: unfollow


There’s a new ‘early adopter’ phase happening right now on social media.  It’s called unsubscribe, unfollow, unlike, disconnect. As a creative business owner; it is challenging to stay abreast of Facebook algorithm changes, content marketing schedules, industry trends AND exceed client expectations … Read more

Case Study: Dr Graham Rock Chiropractor Rebrand


The Brand Story Dr. Graham Rock is a passionate Chiropractor who specialises in repairing and rebuilding your body so that you are able to achieve everything you want in life.  He serves people who care about their health and wellness, … Read more

Case Study: Sensual Seed Brand Development


The Brand Story Christine Ford is the Founder of Life in Sync, and Sensual Seed is a collaboration between artist Amanda Kennedy and Christine to produce a stunning, bespoke oracle card set for women to use in their daily life. Sensual … Read more

4 ways to publish a book


When it comes to self-publishing a book, there are a number of options for aspiring authors. Secure a grant to fund the project Engage the services of a Print on Demand (POD) company Have your manuscript appraised Secure a contract … Read more

Case Study: Keeping Books Bookkeeping Brand Development


The Brand Story Belinda Chung is the Founder of Keeping Books Bookkeeping, a bookkeeping service that allows small business owners to keep control of their finances in a straightforward, time effective way, ensuring that they can focus on their core … Read more

Case Study: Remake It Rebrand


The Brand Story Erin Clifford is the Founder of Remake It, a handmade label which specializes in creating casual accessories and homewares that tell a story. By purchasing a Remake It piece, you are making sustainable choices for a better … Read more

Case Study: Flywheel Alchemy Brand Development


The Brand Story Debbie Townsend is the Founder & Master Letterpress Artisan at Flywheel Alchemy. Originally trained as a Nurse; Debbie worked in the health sector for thirty years, and concurrently had a love for typography, books, drawing and collecting … Read more

Good design is as little design as possible


After meeting with an affiliate last week, I started pondering the notion of what makes design good, bad and indifferent. A great brand identity or communication piece needs to be original and well educated, and I feel that there are specific characteristics to the … Read more

Case study: The Art of Women’s Business Brand Development


The Brand Story Marguerite Davie and Veronica Strachan are the Founders of The Art of Women’s Business (AWB): a collaboration that offers workshops, strategy sessions and networking opportunities to women in business, who have great ideas and need help to … Read more

Case study: BOLD Performing Arts Rebrand


The Brand Story Bobbie Hall is the Principal of Bold School of Dance, and the Academy is evolving in 2015. There are a number of performing arts academies in East Gippsland, however none offer all three streams (dance, drama and … Read more

Case study: Celebrants Australia Inc. Rebrand


The Brand Story Celebrants Australia (CA) is a dynamic group of celebrants with a growing membership that operates under a recognised constitution, formed in Victoria in 2003.   CA celebrants are available for all types of ceremonies: weddings, commitments, renewal … Read more

Case study: Veronica Strachan Brand Development


The Brand Story Veronica Strachan is the Founder of True Dialogue; a coaching, facilitation and change/project management business, and co-founder of True Bliss; a collaboration between three women dedicated to helping women find and follow their bliss. The new brand … Read more

Case study: Inspiring Success Brand Development


The Brief Earth & Sea Creative were commissioned to develop a professional, clean and unusual brand identity for Inspiring Success, an East Gippsland based coaching and facilitation business. As with all branding projects, our expertise was sought for colour and … Read more

Case study: Robin Mayer Civil Celebrant Rebrand


The Brand Story Robin Mayer is a civil celebrant who specialises in wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows, naming days, funeral services, memorial services, ash scattering, new business blessings and pet memorials. Earth & Sea Creative were commissioned to undertake … Read more

Case Study: Hillcrest Farm Organics Rebrand


An email marketing Masterclass, which led to a full scale rebrand. The Hillcrest Farm Organics case study is the perfect example of one packaged service leading to a full scale project. As a creative contrast to daily life on the land; Billie … Read more

The Human-Centred Branding Way


Leo Babauta is one of the biggest sources of inspiration at E&SC. Because the zen simplicity that Leo lives by aligns with a core purpose in life, be it personal or professional. Be in the moment, and the rest will flow. Be … Read more

Street art easter eggs!


Love Banksy. Love chocolate. So this street art Easter egg inspiration, from If It’s Hip It’s Here, is a match made in cacao heaven! Here’s my faves…

Colour psychology: an essential consideration in logo design


There are many elements to consider in the design process. When undertaking a branding project, two questions give me an insight into the heart of the brand I’m working with. What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite typeface … Read more

Powerlines & The Moon – March 2014


This illustration is inspired by Jeffrey Smart’s Industrial Photorealism paintings, and John Paul Caponigro’s use of photography to inspire illustrations. The original photograph, snapped on my iPhone using Instagram, entitled Powerlines & The Moon was inspiring for many reasons. Firstly the moon was out as … Read more

Permission to be immersed in creativity


Participating in the 2nd United Nations International Day of Happiness highlighted a synergy between the environment and creativity. And this was fully validated when I watched this TEDx Talk by John Paul Caponigro. John Paul’s presentation gives the audience permission to … Read more

Happiness – what does it mean to you?


On the page dedicated to 17 March, in the book Buddhist Offerings 365, happiness is a theme. “Happiness is the result on inner maturity. It depends on us alone, and requires patient work, carried out from day to day. Happiness must be … Read more

Case Study: Diamond Creek B&B Brand Development


Country charm, with a modern twist. The Diamond Creek B&B branding project required a number of elements to be honoured from the creative brief. The use of the barn from the original logo in the visual identity, as this is the business’ point of … Read more

Case Study: The Wooden Squirrel Brand Development


A specific brief: calling for the use of modern line drawing squirrel mascot, typewriter typeface and a white, grey or orange colour palette. The branding and business card design for The Wooden Squirrel draws on a vintage aesthetic through the use … Read more

Zen wisdom for doing what you love


When it comes to the work I do at E&SC, it’s not work. It’s a passion. A love. And there are always lessons. Leo Babauta is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and this post is a prime example … Read more

TEDx Talk / Alex Wissner-Gross: A new equation for intelligence


After watching this TEDx Talk it’s safe to say that cybernetics is the only way of the future. Imagine a world where robots are as intelligent as human beings. It’s possible when you hear Alex Wissner-Gross’ new equation for intelligence. … Read more

Repost from Michelle Guo – 10 things I wish weren’t replaced by modern technology


Following the Mashable Top 50 recently released, Michelle Guo reflects on old school memories of things we rarely see or do in modern life. Michelle’s words really resonate.