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Awesome People to Discover Vol 2: Emilie Wapnick


As a twenty-something misfit I relished the next party on Chapel Street Windsor and designer suits and luxury fragrances and shiny material objects.

I had no vision for the future, and really admired people who ‘knew’ what they ‘wanted to be when they grew up’. 

I perceived these people who ‘had it together’ were lucky to have their life path carefully mapped out. That their destiny was signed/sealed/delivered because their University education afforded them the ability to graduate and then launch their career with ‘ease’.

And then I woke up.

As a mid-thirties grounded, soulful woman in business who also juggles motherhood with an amazing degree of effortless chic, I understand that this previous perception is not reality.

An ‘ah ha’ moment recently sparked: the criss-cross career, which saw me immersed in many different industries whilst pursuing a number of different passions, had a name. It’s called being a Multipotentialite. And you can learn more about this term by watching this TED Talk.

Wearing this term with pride is an exceptionally precious moment in a career journey. 

And you can do it with the same amount of effortless chic when you watch Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk.

And then clear all obstacles, go forth and create your destiny with passion, purpose, ‘Why’ and clarity.