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Brand harmony

Recently I’ve noticed that developing a brand is akin to cooking the perfect risotto. There are layers of texture and flavour added to the recipe over a period of time and you need to be patient. And right when you think the rice won’t change from super crunchy to palatable, the dish turns the tide and comes together.   Brands are the same. …

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Case Study: Inspiring a Difference Brand Nirvana

“There is vitality, a life force energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have …

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Case Study: The Abbey Brand Nirvana

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi   The Brand Story The Abbey is a place of contemplation and hospitality, operating as an accommodation and conference centre as well as offering a space for …

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an image of a person opening a door

Be the 1%

Entrepreneurship is not a lifestyle, nor a big vision or a skill to be learnt. It’s a drive, that makes you get out of bed each day and tackle things that would leave others crippled with fear, rocking in corner. It’s the action you take in order to leave your legacy for this lifetime. It’s your Why. Your core …

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Awaken brand alchemy through silence

Solitude, the gift of silence and active listening are skills, which once mastered will extend to all aspects of your life and awaken alchemy.   And this naturally includes your brand. How? Your strategic goals are particles of energy sending vibrations throughout time and space. What you focus on returns to you multiplied. Positive intention receives positive reaction. …

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The Brand Nirvana Playlist: Volume #1

A new series on the Earth & Sea blog: The Brand Nirvana Playlist. Lists of things that grace my ears when I’m out walking, for your auditory enjoyment. First up, podcasts.   These are my go-to podcasts.            October 2016 playlist:   1 October 2016 #BusinessAddicts discussing business trade marks with Lisa Win.   3 October 2016 …

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Wise Women Ride Brand Nirvana Experience with Earth & Sea Creative

Case Study: Wise Women Ride Brand Nirvana

  “I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice.” – Linda McCartney   The Brand Story Wise Women Ride is the result of a pipe dream conjured when Founder, Jeanette White, said she wanted to travel and take people with her along for the ride. The business is Jeanette’s passion project and her legacy in this lifetime, born after a transformational …

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An image of a person holding up an iPhone and taking a photo of a forest in the autumn

Will Hipstamatic Oggl eventually replace Instagram?

Instagram innovated & entered game changing territory overnight by introducing a ‘Story’ function which is practically the same as Snapchat. I didn’t jump aboard the Snapchat train, so I can’t compare. But I do wonder if Snapchat will fade like Periscope did. I’m calling it early, and saying yes. Shiny object syndrome aside, I ask the early adopters of Instagram …

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A photo of Brett Hamm speaking about Instagram at the East Gippsland Digital Forum

2016 East Gippsland Digital Forum: what I discovered

East Gippsland is home to fifth & sixth generation locals, sea-changers, tree-changers and is frequented by tourists from all around the world. A pristine environment, East Gippsland is growing and has a lot of potential. In 2015, East Gippsland Shire Council invested in the development of a digital plan, and a recommendation from the plan is to run a series of digital marketing workshops …

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a black and white image of the larder and spade brand mark

Case Study: Larder and Spade Brand Development

Marmalade producers take their craft quite seriously, so much so there’s an annual competition in Dalemain, UK. The Oscars of the marmalade world, this is where artisan producers enter their perfect batch for judging. The hope & goal of this ceremonial act: winning the coveted Gold Medal. Annette Guyatt, Founder of Larder and Spade, is so passionate about marmalade and her enthusiasm is captivating.  Annette produces artisan …

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How to declutter your brand

Recently, a very talented friend helped declutter my wardrobe & the process helped awaken a sense of freedom from stuff. Because shiny stuff is magnetic & I’m like a bowerbird. Decluttering clothing sparked not only joy & transformation, but a deeply reflective process on The Art of Decluttering Your Brand. In particular, how KonMari can be applied to visual branding & personal branding. There …

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The Secret to Launching a Brand with Strength

When it comes to investing your precious start up capital into your business, where do you start?   There are a number of elements a business needs to consider when launching a brand. If you are passionate about why you do what you do, rather than branding intricacies, this checklist will seem daunting at first.   Brand strategy Logo design Stationery …

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Case Study: Soulstice Artisan Body Care

The brand story: Ali Kelly of Soulstice Artisan Body Care is a massage therapist and reflexologist who struggled to find a soap to suit her sensitive skin. So she started making her own. Prior to engaging Earth & Sea Creative, Soulstice went by the brand name ‘Wicked Soaps’. The brand name and identity no longer served the direction …

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Sometimes, you need to stop and buy the shoes

You’re busy.  You have deadlines to meet. There’s no time to stop.   You have bills to pay. A business to grow. Goals to achieve.   You’re walking down the street and a pair of shoes catch your eye. They’re fabulous and elicit shiny-object-syndrome. You want the shoes. “I can’t stop, I’m busy, I’ve got bills to …

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10 reasons why your personal beliefs are your brand message

Why is it that a branding specialist or copywriter needs to know so much about YOU as a person in order to create something like a logo or copy for your business?    Have you ever answered a creative briefing question with ‘N/A’.   I bet you muttered to yourself “This question is not relevant to my situation”    Guess what? Your worldview UNEQUIVOCALLY matters to …

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Decoding Design Speak #2: What the heck is kerning?

On Sunday 24 January 2016, social media was abuzz with discussion about Lisa Messenger’s new book. FYI – Lisa is a publishing rock star in the Land of Oz. She pushed her brand value of openness and honesty further in Breakups & Breakthroughs by candidly revealing the way she navigated a very difficult breakup with entrepreneur Jack De Losa.  My …

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The Intuitive Way to Unlock Your ‘Why’

Whilst undertaking a Diploma of Holistic Counselling Practice I lost track of the number of times our lecturer instilled “Never use ‘why’ during a session”.    The use of ‘why’ forms a probing question. And depending on the audience’s internal dialogue, the context in which the word is used and tone of voice from the communicator, it’s condemning.   So why …

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5 ways to cure self doubt + overwhelm when trying something new

If you’re about to take a massive leap of faith in business, chances are you might be experiencing an equally big dose of <insert negative state of mind here>.   Soloist life has it’s perks: freedom, collaborating with amazing people, travel, self-empowerment, leaving a legacy, helping people, monetising your passion etc etc.    And then there are the times …

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6 ways to keep your business sparkle alive post-holiday

Holidays are such a brilliant way to take time out, recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones and work on the business. And then the day comes when you have to return to work. It’s ‘game on’, but you might be juggling kids who are on holidays and this is tricky at times. In …

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8 ways a soloist can effortlessly manage the school holiday juggling act

It’s been raining for three days straight, the Star Wars/Frozen/pink unicorn banter is wearing you thin + the sparkle of Christmas went to the compost heap with the tree.   You’re juggling soloist life during the school holidays and feel guilty for allowing the kids to have more screen time than you hoped would happen. But then you remember that meme your …

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Rebrand? 3 ways to make friends with the word 'change' by Earth & Sea Creative

If the word ‘rebrand’ overwhelms you, here’s 3 ways to make friends with ‘change’

Have you reached a point in your business’ journey where the notion of ‘change’ needs to enter the equation so you up-level? You may have quickly thought of a business name, registered it and launched without a plan; thinking “I’ll see how this all goes, and then invest in the business in the future.”   What if: The thought of change overwhelms you, but you …

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Empathy: the essential ingredient in the customer service pie

  Famished at 3pm, a person realised they unintentionally skipped lunch.   “A pie from my local bakery” they thought. “That will have to do”.   Upon entering the bakery, the shop attendant was making a couple of rolls. The customer was the only person in the shop, and they needed food as soon as humanly possible. The shop attendant looked …

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Creative Anxiety Vol 1: You are not alone

Each year, a branding project will challenge every creative cell in my body, mind and soul.   It’s evident that this is how any creative person evolves. But when the head is taking over from the heart and creative anxiety sets in, it’s often hard to remember “you can do this… you are not alone.” Why do anxiety and fear of failure …

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Awesome People to Discover Vol 2: Emilie Wapnick

As a twenty-something misfit I relished the next party on Chapel Street Windsor and designer suits and luxury fragrances and shiny material objects. I had no vision for the future, and really admired people who ‘knew’ what they ‘wanted to be when they grew up’.  I perceived these people who ‘had it together’ were lucky to have their life path carefully mapped …

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keep calm & colour in!

I’m sure you know that scene from Forrest Gump quite well. Shit does happen, it’s how you respond in the moment that is the key. Most people go into flight mode and respond during the crisis with a degree of effortless chic, then crumble afterward. It’s a normal response. And one thing I’ve learned is that clients will be understanding, and …

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What’s the best Instagram image size?

Out of 10, how do you rate your ability to navigate the visual marketing minefield? 1 = I need help! 10 = I’m Coco Chanel darling. Do you ever find yourself remarking ‘Why are social media platforms constantly changing their game plan?’ I’m a self-confessed intuitive marketer, who prefers to attract the right clients by offering amazing service and doing …

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