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The newest social media trend: unfollow

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There’s a new ‘early adopter’ phase happening right now on social media. 

It’s called unsubscribe, unfollow, unlike, disconnect.

As a creative business owner; it is challenging to stay abreast of Facebook algorithm changes, content marketing schedules, industry trends AND exceed client expectations by delivering their design projects on time and on budget.

Something has to give. And recently at Earth & Sea HQ, it was Facebook for business and personal use. 

Yesterday I was informed that I’m an ‘early adopter’ of Instagram, as I use it for my graphic design business. Sorry dude, I’m just jumping the Facebook ship because I prefer to hang in a creatively visual community. I’m not an early adopter. Facebook is dead and Insta is the new black.

Social media is a place to network and form connections with people (affiliates, colleagues, industry influencers and most importantly your tribe). If social media is only one part of the marketing pie why is it such a widely used medium? In this post, Paul Jarvis perfectly illustrates a number of reasons why.

In an attempt to be connected with our tribe, we are becoming disconnected from the reality of life.

Perhaps old school is the new school of thinking? Write a letter, send a card, pick up the telephone and say hello. Even sending an email is old school these days.

On the other side of the argument, businesses are vying for your attention and even go to the trouble of automating their content marketing efforts through ‘sophisticated’ funnel strategies.

But does the message get across? Do people feel valued when they are being sold to through an automated process?

Isn’t having a value laden product/service, fabulous customer service, true empathy for your client’s needs and wants, and genuineness in the way you communicate with your tribe a better ‘content marketing strategy’?

As a consumer, I know I loathe following someone on Twitter and then instantly receiving an automated message “Hi, thanks for following me, go to this fancy URL and download a report that you might get some use out of.” 

Whoa… slow down! We’ve only just met, no need to rush on the first date.

Are you ready to disconnect from the automated social media/content marketing cycle?

Hit unsubscribe, unlike, unfollow. It’s so liberating.