What if you could unlock your entrepreneurial ideas & turn them into your Brand Nirvana?

You have business that’s here to make a dent in the Universe.

Your work makes a difference.

You’re interested in profits, yes, but more so in your purpose & your presence.

You’re overflowing with ideas about how to make the world a better place through your business. You don’t have a shortage of ideas – you have a shortage of time and energy to execute those ideas & bring them to life on your own.

You’re all about sustained growth, but you’re having trouble catching your first wave in the ocean of success. You know that you need support to develop your brand & launch with authenticity & unmistakable clarity.

Brand Nirvana is your launching pad to a brand that’s a true reflection of who you are & what you stand for.


I’m for the creatives, the change-makers, the innovators & the aspiring doers.

Hi, I’m Merryn & I’m not your average branding specialist. I do things a little differently around here…because change-makers like to do things differently. You think deeply. You move quickly. And you appreciate intuitive, holistic thinking.

Bringing brands to life is what stokes my fire. And Brand Nirvana is how I do that.

Brand Nirvana is founded on principles of human-centred psychology. It guides what makes your brand succeed & how building relationships with your audience through the power of design, brings you that success.

Basically, it’s all about your dream client & how your brand engages with them.

The ultimate goal is for your dream client to feel totally in sync with your brand & magnetised to it. Your brand becomes your superpower.

It’s human to human, not business to business.

And I know this approach works.


I designed a logo for the #SnapForSight campaign helping Vision 2020 Australia get a reach of 2.9 million and 1500 tweets – including a much higher than expected number of parliamentarians engaging with the campaign.

One website rebrand helped my client go from 1 client inquiry every 6 months to 2-3 inquiries per week.

I’ve worked with amazing clients like Dionne Lew, Trevor Young, Rachel Kelly, Julie Simonelli, Banmirra Arts Inc., St Kilda Mums Inc., The Happiness Hunter, Margaret Taylor & The Light Lawyer. I’ve designed for not-for-profits & brand new businesses & everything in between.

The key theme for every project is that my designs helps you make a difference.

But what makes me, me?

Image credit: Rikki-Jo Molinaro

I am: Merryn Padgett

Passions: my two children, all facets of design, fine art, street art, colour, typography, stationery, paper, yoga, meditation, human-centred psychology, food, coffee, chocolate, music, sustainability, regional living and my community.

The creative ‘why’ sparked: At the tender age of six. My mother gifted me a Spirograph and that saw me immersed in the world of drawing circles! I fondly recall scouring stationery shops with my father; coveting pens, pencils and paper, connecting with the process of drawing and igniting a love affair for visual design. It wasn’t until high school that I took my creativity seriously; studying art, visual design, and photography, and then going on to study a Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking) with a Minor in Graphic Design at RMIT.

Work experience: These toes have been dipped in the IT, graphic & web design, education, welfare and wellness, commercial furniture, architecture sectors. Gathering an extensive amount of knowledge, wisdom & experience over a 19-year journey, including a Diploma of Holistic (Human-Centred) Counselling Practice, Diploma of Community Welfare Work & Certificate IV of Youth Work.

Personal design style: Clean aesthetic, white space and generally featuring beautiful typography.

If I won a million dollars: I would start a creative co-working space in East Gippsland, because I live where the earth meets the sea and it’s a great location for creative ideas to spark.

Three quirks: A sucker for subtle decorations on the letter ‘g’. I’m a self-confessed stationery addict. And a recovering perfectionist.

“[Merryn] has some kind of supersonic magical intuition, which she uses to get into your brain & heart. This allows her to totally understand your vision & purpose, & then transform it into a work of art (‘brand’) that can be shared with the world.”

Nancy Bryla, The Light Lawyer