Meet the people behind the vans.

When we sea changed to East Gippsland in 2007, we quickly discovered a passion for outdoor adventures.

We tried tents. Sleeping on cold, hard ground wasn’t our style.

So we hired a Jayco Swan Outback and set off on our first adventure. This is where the nature-based travel spark ignited.

We bought our own camper in 2016 and the love-affair for travelling and 4x4 adventuring is a must-have in our lives.

Our backyard is ‘God’s Country’. It is a region renowned for the natural beauty of the Ramsar-listed Gippsland Lakes, Alpine High Country, Coastal Wilderness and Snowy River Country.

In a fast-paced world, where work continues to beckon and stress is on the increase, it’s important to unwind and cherish the simple things in life.

We love off-grid, nature-based adventures. It gets us all away from technology and we appreciate the beauty East Gippsland has to offer.

And thanks to Mim Cook and Gippslandia for sharing our seed idea in Issue 6.

Favourite destination?

For camping: Cape Conran, one of East Gippsland’s best surf beaches.

For food: The Long Paddock, Lindenow. The ultimate piece of one-hat heaven. In the middle of a small farming town, which so happens to be Victoria’s food bowl.

For a day trip: Anywhere in the high country, best experienced 4x4 style with friends.

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