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4 ways to publish a book

When it comes to self-publishing a book, there are a number of options for aspiring authors.

  1. Secure a grant to fund the project
  2. Engage the services of a Print on Demand (POD) company
  3. Have your manuscript appraised
  4. Secure a contract with a publisher (the hardest option to attain)


Secure a grant to fund the project

Depending on the topic of the book, you could crowd-fund through an online site like GoFundMe, Pozible, Kickstarter. Or obtain a government grant from departments such as VicHealth, Australia Council for the Arts or Regional Arts Victoria. Government grants are highly competitive. Ensure you write a fantastic application, and partner with an auspicing organisation to manage the financial aspects. Remember, you will need to acquit at the end of the grant period.


Engage the services of a Print on Demand company

Fontaine Publishing Group is a publishing house located in Western Australia, and was recommended to Earth & Sea Creative by a #1 best selling Amazon author.

Some things to consider:

  • Book format (Hard cover or soft cover?)
  • Page count estimate
  • Number of pages in colour
  • Quantity of books required
  • Book size
  • Cover design – Fontaine Publishing to develop for premium bookstore quality or engage the services of a graphic designer
  • Additional services – Interior layout/design, make available for purchase worldwide via Amazon (print on demand), bookstore ready (ISBN & barcode with Vivid Publishing), Book warehousing and order fulfillment, eBook conversion & worldwide distribution. 


Have your manuscript appraised

Love of Books is a self-publishing house located in Queensland, and was recommended to Earth & Sea Creative by an industry colleague. The company has a host of packages available, including a manuscript appraisal service. To gain as much exposure as possible, it was suggested to take up the Full Presence Package.


Secure a publishing deal

This is definitely the ultimate goal for any author, and definitely the hardest goal to attain. First steps would be to purchase The Australian Writer’s Marketplace and pitch your synopsis to selected publishers.


It is often said that there is a book in everyone. What story is dormant within you, just waiting to come to life?